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Radon Testing for Home Inspection in Bonita Springs, FL and Nearby Cities

Radon is a radioactive gas commonly found in the soil, which has become a major health concern for home buyers and is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. We conduct a 48-hour continuous monitoring test measuring the radon concentration inside the property. After the test equipment is retrieved from the property, the data is sent out for analysis and the test results are typically available that same day. We have partnered with the leading radon measurement businesses in the country to provide state-of-the-art radon measurement solutions to our clients.

Breathe Easy: Ensuring Your Home is Radon-Free

Radon is a silent threat that can seep into your home without warning, posing serious health risks. At 239 Inspection Services, we specialize in Radon Testing for Home Inspection in Bonita Springs, FL. Our certified radon testing experts are dedicated to ensuring the air you breathe is safe and free from this invisible danger.

Why Radon Testing is Essential

What's Included in Our Radon Testing

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Certified Radon Testing Experts: Our team includes certified professionals with expertise in radon testing.

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