Termite Inspection Services in Bonita Springs, FL

Termite Inspection Services in Bonita Springs, FL


Termite Inspection: A complete examination of the property for visible and accessible evidence of WDOs including termites and wood-decaying fungi. A recent WDO Inspection Report is often required by mortgage companies for underwriting purposes. Check with your lender to determine if this will be needed.

Protecting Your Home from Silent Invaders

Termites may be small, but the damage they can inflict on your home is significant. At 239 Inspection Services, we specialize in comprehensive Termite Inspection Services in Bonita Springs, FL, and the surrounding areas. Our certified termite inspectors are dedicated to ensuring your property remains termite-free and structurally sound.

What’s Included in Our Termite Inspection Services?

1. Structural Assessment for Termites: Our meticulous inspection includes a thorough examination of your home’s structure, focusing on identifying any signs of termite activity, such as damage to the foundation and wooden components.

2. Outdoor Spaces Inspection: Termites can extend their reach to decks, porches, and other outdoor wooden structures. We assess these areas to ensure they remain free from termite damage.

3. Foundation and Columns Inspection: Termites often target the foundation and columns of homes. Our inspection involves a detailed review of these critical elements to catch any termite-related issues early on.

4. Water Penetration Check: Termites are attracted to moisture. We inspect for water penetration issues that might attract termites and contribute to the deterioration of wooden structures.

5. Roof Structure Evaluation: Termites can compromise the integrity of your roof structure. We assess the roof for any signs of termite damage, ensuring the long-term protection of your home.

6. Wooden Fencing Examination: If you have wooden fencing on your property, it’s a potential target for termites. Our inspection includes a thorough review of wooden fences to ensure they are termite-free.

Why Choose 239 Inspection Services for Termite Inspections?

Expertise in Local Termite Species: We understand the specific termite species common to Bonita Springs, FL, allowing us to tailor our inspections accordingly. Early Detection: Our goal is to catch termite issues early, preventing extensive damage to your home. Comprehensive Reports: You’ll receive a detailed report outlining our findings and recommendations to address any termite-related concerns. Schedule Your Termite Inspection Today Don’t let termites compromise the integrity of your home. Schedule a termite inspection with 239 Inspection Services today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a termite-free property.